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    What is casting (2017-03-05)
  • Based on the development and improvement of the conventional process, a new process was developed to improve the casting quality, to improve the production efficiency, and to expand the application scope of investment casting. "Casting" in the sixth phase of 1978, reported the Beijing oil pump nozzle plant using cage type large modular technology. Each member of the cage, ensure the module sufficient rigidity, and a gating system, improve the utilization rate of 10% steel. Hebei Institute of the control of casting solidification time, gate, gate stick, so that M = M = M in the bar, and the solidification between the ingate and the deadline for the gate rod, liquid metal gate stick in the back tilting cylinder, without casting gate. In 1982, the second phase of "casting" reported that the Tsinghua University, such as the use of vacuum suction casting filling, control the solidification time, the inner channel solidification, the sprue is not solidified, the lifting of the vacuum, the liquid alloy return into the furnace. The process has high filling performance, thin wall castings and high utilization rate of molten steel. According to the thermal conductivity of the shell and the solidification time of the casting. "Casting" in 1984, third, the paper published a paper on the introduction of electrophoresis shell making process. Coated conductive coating in wax group, adding a small amount of chain phosphate electrophoretic suspension in the electrolyte, the surface adsorption of refractory cation, under the action of the electric field electrophoresis of refractory materials, product appearance to the surface, and the occurrence of electroosmosis, the shell formed a certain strength. Electrophoresis shell less, short production cycle. "1984 Fourth" casting reported by Northwest University hemihydrated gypsum, plaster casting process with quartz powder, quartz glass, clay refractory fillers, research and production of large complex Aluminum Alloy castings. 621 the hemihydrate gypsum, coal drill stone refractory, reducing plaster shell shrinkage, reduce cracking. Titanium and its alloys are important materials used in aerospace and petrochemical industry. In the end of 1970s, titanium alloy castings were produced by investment casting. China is one of the five largest investment casting titanium alloys in the world. "Casting" in 1979 second issue of Shanghai iron and Steel Research Institute uses propane pyrolysis at high temperature under vacuum condition in corundum (hydrolytic solution of ethyl silicate shell surface vapor deposition process of graphite, titanium alloy casting production. Study on northern materials for phenolic resin as binder, graphite powder (sand) for the production of graphite shell refractories, baking in vacuum resistance furnace, carbonized resin binder is prepared with good strength and permeability of the shell, the production of titanium alloy high speed turbo blade. Shenyang Foundry Research Institute "casting" in 1986 third published articles, introduced by ZTS-1 resin and toner with paint, p-toluenesulfonic acid as a curing agent, and graphite sand, ethanol preparation of coated sand mold shell, shell by calcination and vacuum processing production of titanium alloy casting process. In the seventh issue of 1987, Li Bangsheng published the article, using zirconia ceramic powder, zirconium sol as binder, coating, preparation of shell, titanium alloy investment casting production.